The Continuous Struggle

The continuous struggle..

In our life, we all are fighting a battle of a continuous struggle, a struggle to fit in. To fit in for love; to fit in for a society; to fit in to look pretty or handsome in a party; or to fit in to the expectations built for us by our parents, community or friends. Everyone here on this planet is in a hustle to fit in.

Some of us finds success and becomes the attracting one, the social one or the achiever one. Once he or she succeeds in placing his or her foot prints into the sand solidly, the crowd will willingly follow them blindly, no matter what they do or how they do it.

But there are some who stare blankly into the sky thriving to find their own identity, so much into the battle, trying to make everything right that often they forget their own selves. People like these usually forgets that they are also here to live a life that has been given as a gift to them from Him. They are the one who forgets how to love or forgets the feeling of being loved.

You will find these kind of people usually hidden behind the crowd. I may not know everything but I know one thing for sure that these people usually forget that they are also a human who has all the emotions, feelings and a soul that bleeds or aches like a normal human being. These are those people who will smile broadly and brightly in the day and will cry their hearts out till their eyes hurt or night ends. These are those souls who will put your needs and you first rather than their own self. And these are those people who knows how to love i.e. to love beyond the stars, and will not get a single warm welcome or a sweet hello from anyone. These are those who see and know everything but will keep their mouth shut in fear not to make foolish of them or to embarrass their surrounding people like parents, friends, siblings or spouse.

If you look around in a crowd, rather standing in an airport or on a bus stand, you will find these kind of people who are easily embarrassed by small things. You can find them sitting quietly observing everyone passing by or laughing their lungs out in a group of people. But if you look closely, you will find the screaming, weeping souls in their eyes whether they are quiet or they are laughing. These are not those kind of people (what they say it…) the attention seekers. These kind of people are just in a battle with themselves and their surroundings.. or in simple words, with society.

Some of them usually goes into depression and find their peace by ending their lives. But, yet there are some who try to see bright light and positive vibes everywhere, and struggle untiringly and continuously to become something, to be noticed by someone, or to be understood by anyone.. someone…

However, if you see or meet this kind of person who is in this struggle, just give him or her a tight hug and tell this to him or her by holding hands,

“I know.. I understand.. Everything will be alright. Just believe in yourself.”


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