People these days are plastic. Nothing but a shiny unbreakable plastic.

I am used to encounter these plastics in my daily routine. Wherever I go, whatever I do, no matter much how many people I meet daily, or how closely I look.. I find plastic. All wrapped up in fancy clothes, with fancy makeup (or no makeup, in case of boys), with God given somewhat good features and with superficial ideologies.

Emotions and feelings of other individual does not seem to be much important to these plastic people. Making fun of whoever passes by, commenting and scanning through the bodily features of other (no matter how much he/she tries to cover themselves up) and flirting with everyone you see doesn’t make you a supercool member of the gang or a person with more modernized views.

Modernization is simplicity. Modernization is being modest. Modest through our eyes, modest through our talk, even through our walk. Modernization is about giving respect to other individual.

Being plastic may get you thousands of like on facebook, twitter, instagram or on any other social media. But it’s not going to help you gaining those kinds of like in real life. The more you open your mouth, the more you spill your words without even thinking once, the more people are gonna raise against you. And in the end, gradually these people or those plastics with which you hang out with will leave your side.

It’s easy to judge others my friend but it is definitely not a cup of tea to walk in someone else’s shoe for a while. We can never assume how much he/she has placed efforts to be there where they stand tall today.

And who knows, the person you are making fun of today may become the next owner or CEO of that facility where you work in later life (LOL)..

Hence, motto of my life actually..

“Give respect, Get respect”.


4 thoughts on “Plastics..

  1. People are like bodies with nothingness inside them. Yeah they are afraid of getting hurt and they need tons of people to keep telling them that they are fine but guess what the constant bombardment of insecurities that is being sold to us i can’t really blame them. there are a few who realise and change them selves from with in but that takes some guts. (I guess i have guts)
    This is so real to how some or maybe most people are.

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  2. This is so true, I appreciate the honesty in this article. People walk around so afraid-of being hurt, being alone or what have you-that they never let anyone in their lives. They polish and perfect the outside while inside they’re a mess, but when someone asks ‘how are you’ their answer is that ever white lie: ‘fine’.

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