Wrong Concept of Flirting…

I don’t know whether I am beautiful, hot or sexy but I do get a lot of compliments on my physical aspect. And by possessing these qualities or simply by being a social butterfly I often face men flirting, trying to do their sweet talk or trying their best to impress me (or I don’t know who) with ridiculously explaining my components of beauty. At first, I don’t know how to react. I mean is it appropriate for me to shy and smile it away and to let the topic down or just hit them with a brick and run away?

I have to try hard to get to stop this urge of hitting the significant other with something. And after this epic unbearable phase, I tend to gather some left out energy and reply with smile, ‘Oh please’ and try to change the subject.

One thing I know for sure, men flirt with every other girl they see. And a social one is a bonus to them or whatsoever. This kind of men makes me sick, makes me feel more pathetic and insecure towards myself, and rather than gaining some self-respect, I tend to lose all.

I don’t know whether I have something printed on my forehead, for instance, ‘hey. Feel free to do all sort of flirting. I am an open booth’. A girl or woman like me is not amused by this type of flirting, of which every passing girl is the victim. I mean it doesn’t make me feel any kind of special. It simply makes me feel like I am really very ordinary one. It does not get me any type of those butterflies in tummy or make me feel like, ‘Oh my God! He likes me’ and jumps off of a cliff in excitement.

If I don’t say anything and smile back then it definitely doesn’t mean that I like your comment on my beauty or my figure. It simply made me disgust the other one.

A grown up woman knows she is beautiful and how hot or sexy she is. She needs a man who would tell her about her mind, her intelligence, her uniqueness from other and an appraisal on how much she tries to make everything around you organized. If she has a quirk or annoying habit, enjoy that because it will help you know that she is a human being not a robot. Love her heart. Compliment her brains with beauty of course. She’ll then be swiped away from her feet and will give you her hundred percent love and loyalty…



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