In this real world, we do usually take this one thing for granted. Love is not money to be spend on times of need. Love is not a piece of jewelry to be worn on special times where you want to look good around. Love is not a game of win or lose. Love is not a beautiful face or a handsome champ. Love is simply just love. Four simple words yet can leave everlasting scars on one’s heart and soul.

In my view, this latest does not only exist between a young girl and boy where an electric flow exist. Love is when mother cooks food, when father tucks his child in to bed n kisses his child’s forehead, when a sister argues or fights, when brother pull her sister’s hair, when wife gets up early just to make his husband a breakfast, or when a husband tries to cook something (by burning it though), when son help doing household chores, when daughter laugh out loudly on her parents joke even if its not that funny, or when a friend slaps for being over dramatic.. That’s love. Simple yet beautiful. It does not require money, fame or a gorgeous personality. It just need a strong, pure, faithful heart that commits till the end.. It doesn’t require a prince charm or a person with gorgeous personality. It can happen to anyone.

I however believe that you don’t fall in love, you actually rise high above the skies in love. Love in reality gives you wings and help you to believe in yourself to make you fly high above those skies that were your limit before and make you see light even if there is pitch black around you..

Love is magic and can do miracles, if you just believe in it..


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