No happy endings..

In real life there’s no such thing as ‘the end’ like that happens in a book or a movie. I believe that there are happy ‘forever’ for some. I don’t say that those who experience these happy lives walk on a real smooth paths with no ups and downs. Life is a roller coaster. At one moment you are at the highest point of life, where it seems you are above all and can conquer every obstacle that life can throw at you. And at other moments it becomes hard to keep everything together and to focus towards light. But consistency can create a happy beginning. There is always something bigger and brighter at the end of the tunnel. Something beautiful, something mesmerizing, something worth waiting for. It’s just the path that can become difficult at certain or most of the time. We just have to hold on, keep faith, be kind and keep moving forward. Learning and letting go of those things which could hurt our souls or our mind is nearly as essential as living both tough and beautiful moments that we can experience in our day-to-day life. In order to try to catch everything we often miss that one special something.

It’s nerve racking and highly difficult to hold water in our own hands. But if you put your bare hand in this running water thousands of sensations can be felt, calming those thunderstorms that keep on blocking all the positiveness and even the smallest ray of hope.

However, that certain path can end or a specific chapter can be finished but there’s always another road or another chapter waiting to be explored and challenging us to discover our self, grow stronger with each passing obstacle and firmer with each passing minutes.

Life is a gift. Learn, enjoy the moments, let go of grudges, forgive others, spread smiles and most importantly always help others to see the light…


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