Battle lost…

Somewhere between the lines. Some where between the boundaries. Somewhere between the urge to prove to the world. She lost the battle within her self. She lost the fire that described and shaped her.She lost the her eyes which was used to see bright lights every where. She lost the girl who was peppy, perky, determined and bustling on each tune life played in front of her. She was used to think that people were made of star dust and have little of magic in them. She lost that girl to ‘love’. She gave her everything but with time she realized is was never enough. Love that she thought would mend her heart, would fill colors in her life, make her shine more. Little did her innocence know that the same love would steal all the purity of her soul. That same love would snatch all the colors of her life letting it to be black and white. That same love would vanish the sparkle of her eyes. She would live. But with the burden of her broken wings and shattered dreams. 

Was it too much to ask about? Was it too much to fantasize about the greatest fantasizes on which this universe revolve around? Was it too much to snatch away her own self and throw her on concrete floor so harshly of bitter, selfish realities… 


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