Brown-haired girl


She seems a simple brown-haired girl with some average looks but still he wants to know what she thinks about. Why she is lost in the middle of the crowd. Biting her lower lip. Eyes looming in the space. He always wonders what goes in that pretty head of her. 

He always questions that is she happy with him or is she not content with what he offer. He always sees how she forms her own little world around her self. How she isolates herself even from him.

He thought that he is closest one to her heart. He thought that he could read her all of the expressions of her, feelings of her. But with time he realized he always end up meeting another wall that stands between him and her heart. He found that she hides her feeling with expertise which make him insecure and agitated.

He always asks her about her thoughts to which as a reply she smiles the sweetest smile she could ever put on and shrug saying I also don’t exactly know. 

She’s an abstract painting. He realized with time that on the exterior she is cold, numb and distant like a moon but on the inside, she is one warm, dulcet and glisten like a chocolate or like a sun. Her light shines in her heart, reflects in her eyes. Her melancholy personality is mere a shell to retain her heart and her soul from different blow coming from the outer world.

She doesn’t say much but when she speaks it’s like a mellifluous tune playing itself. She has that aura that illuminate dark alley ways. He is now determined of all things she is, which can’t be categorized or can be theorized with the use of some scant words or with sketch of her looks. It can be skimpy and grievous attempt which will simply do injustice to her.

In the contemporary, he now understands that she is something else, beyond words, beyond all the good thoughts and acts which can be done at a time. She is the girl that burns so brightly, intimately and can light the whole sky by just her smile.. She is a simple brown-haired girl..


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