You seem to care a lot 

You seem to trust a lot

You seem to love a lot 

You also seem loyal a lot
But is it inaccurate to not feel sometimes? 

Is it inadequate to feel suffocated at times? 

Is it inappropriate to shut down doors for awhile?

Or is it not in my hands for me to love you alike?
I know I sometimes don’t do justice 

But do tell me if it’s suffice

I suffer from deep cut scars

It’s not easy to make me a star
I don’t follow the rules and regulations 

I think about everything with prospection

I feel every single rhythm of my depression 

And I am quite familiar with this repression  
Oh darling! You don’t need to be this mad

It’s everything I’ve ever had 

You entire presence makes me want to jump to cloud nine 

At least I believe you don’t judge me for being a little sad.. 



Like waves to and fro

Our relation is in its high and low

You seem like you care

Looking at our fingers locked

I seem to be lost 

Like a little puppy in frost 

Yet you seem you know

In all the rules you formed

Now forcing me to follow

Changing me to become hollow

But still I think you care

And I think you know

Of all the ruins of my soul

And I think you have seen 

The battle wounds I carry 

And in spite of all to and fro 

I seem to believe in you 

Because of the spark in you 

And the kindness in you 

I seem to be in love with you

Because it’s simply just you..

He thinks he know…

He wishes to see her smile 

He wishes to hear her laugh

He longs to see the shine in her heart

That reflect through her eyes 

He thinks he can do wonders 

He thinks he can change her

He thinks he know the pain she endure

He thinks he can cure

Little does he know it can take a miracle 

For her to cure and pure

From her pain and her thoughts 

Little does he know she can’t be managed 

Like a broken piece that’s daunted…


It’s all in haze

The fear and the chase

Some love to be tamed 

Some love to believe 

Some lives on faith

Some strive for pride

Some long for life 

To be healthy and strong 

Some hide in the maze 

To hide feelings and desire

Some love to observe 

All the obscenities of the world


She knew that life is an up and down road. Sometimes it’s an upward hill that takes efforts from every single cell of your body to reach up to that highest peak point of life but sometimes it’s just an easy slide down to the lowest point where she always have to pick each shattered piece of herself up by her own self because sometimes it’s just you and your own self to help you out. 

But in this struggle and fight for survival, there comes some certain injuries and holes of bullet that can’t be handled or fixed by mere stitches or bandages which later becomes horrendous looking scars. These scars are easy to hide and easy to heal when it happens to be on body. But when these scars happen to be at heart or worse, on soul, it just become impossibly hard to get over the pain and move on. 

She knew that it’s illogical and injustice to her own self to dwell in past. But sometimes it just take one tick or one second to click that switch on or which floods back bringing all the pain of that wound back, like a certain smell or certain moment or a specific voice. 

No, she doesn’t have experienced any heartache that’s been usually caused by love. She’s been hurt and wounded from life itself. And after each and single knock down she looked up dusted her pants and moved on. Bleeding or oozing. 

Till this day, all the wounds and injuries she has endured in her self are well hidden by her smile. All the emotional turmoil has been sucked up and dried up by her pillows. And on this day, she stands with her head held high in the air declaring that she’s strong. 

Strong enough to move past on. Strong enough to get up daily and smile. Strong enough to conquer those dwelling thoughts that lead her to the edge of the hill. Strong enough to step down and cherish what she has today. Strong enough to hold others with her self. Strong enough to help others to heal wounds of them. Strong enough to believe in love and magic. Strong enough to dream of her future. 
Strong enough to conquer her depression and life ending thoughts… She knows that she’s the one and only piece made. She knows that she’s different and her uniqueness has no bounds.. 

She’s peculiar…