I had a beating heart in my chest 

That longed to see love at fullest
I had a shining soul in me 

That had bigger waves than the sea
I had more bigger dreams in my eyes

To want to conquer the skies
I was as naïve as the little bird

Didn’t know what was wrong with being in dirt 
But then you came to happen 

And all my wishes seemed to be relished 
With you I was high above from the skies

The feels and the tease you bring with smiles 
I was in love with each piece of you

You showed me what I was missing before 
You tend to complete me with a sense

You made my fantasies a reality
All of the impossibilities seemed possible

With you darling I truly blossomed 
You made me feel like one and only

Your eyes made me feel like a beauty
But little did I know

It was only for the show
With littlest of the things

My realities came crashing down
I fell so hard from the stage 

Yet you didn’t even try to catch
I lost all my hopes and my dreams

Just to be there for your insecurities 
You made me the way I am now

Cold, silent, bitter, with taste sour
I now long to see that shine in my eyes

You stole my innocence I always had in past years
And in all that abscess 

Still I managed to smile in this stress
But standing all bare in front of the mirror

All I see is the broken woman

Just a little more purer than before… 


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