Moving on..

This battle between my mind and heart

This time I let my mind win again 

There’s nothing left in this picture 

You said you are different 

You made the illusion of perfect ending

I thought you were my happily ever after 

I felt the need to be some one I am not

You altered my very core 

You in your essence made me loose my own

You even made my tears to dry up in my eyes 

I always loved the idea of being us

People judged me for my lack of attention 

I lost my dreams just to catch you 

I lost my self just to match you

I trusted you blindly even shared my darkest secrets 

I not only gave a piece but my whole heart 

In every turn in every fight I was the guilty one

I guess I was nothing but naïve

And now when I have opened my eyes

I am lost in this midst

I now see that I am in a different cage

Where I have to beg hard to breathe 

I thought you were my one and only

But now I realized that you loved my idea

And when ever I raised my voice

You simple just torn me in half

And now it’s a no more trying 

I am done with your tantrums 

I am not happy but I will be at peace at least 

I will find my way 

I will be strong enough to move

And now my darling, I am moving on.. 


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