Battle lost…

Somewhere between the lines. Some where between the boundaries. Somewhere between the urge to prove to the world. She lost the battle within her self. She lost the fire that described and shaped her.She lost the her eyes which was used to see bright lights every where. She lost the girl who was peppy, perky, determined and bustling on each tune life played in front of her. She was used to think that people were made of star dust and have little of magic in them. She lost that girl to ‘love’. She gave her everything but with time she realized is was never enough. Love that she thought would mend her heart, would fill colors in her life, make her shine more. Little did her innocence know that the same love would steal all the purity of her soul. That same love would snatch all the colors of her life letting it to be black and white. That same love would vanish the sparkle of her eyes. She would live. But with the burden of her broken wings and shattered dreams. 

Was it too much to ask about? Was it too much to fantasize about the greatest fantasizes on which this universe revolve around? Was it too much to snatch away her own self and throw her on concrete floor so harshly of bitter, selfish realities… 


Little red dress

She stand alone in the walking crowd

With a diamond ring in her finger

In a little red dress, hairs made up
She stand alone in the rain 

With the wildest dreams in eyes

To be crushed and burn 
She stand alone with tears in eyes

With the weight of the world

Surrounding by dogs n wolves
She is standing alone with all the courage

With the scars and flaws

Listening each and every voice 
She is standing still soaked in loneliness

With all the numbness and coldness

Thinking what she did wrong
She is standing alone in the walking

With all the questions she have

Trying to mingle with the world…

I Love You..

I love you the way you love your most inner desire

I love you the way a moth loves a fire

I don’t know the hidden meaning of words

As I am just as simple as a night lighted by the fire fly

There are thousands of way to describe my feelings in the nigher

But it consumes my heart and soul to the fullest entire


I love you the way the sun loves the moon

Which dies daily to make the moon bloom

I don’t acquire to know something I don’t know

I only love you in the simplest form of gloom

Thousands of stings I bear to make you loom


I love you the way that no one can describe

I love you in the thousand different attire

My love for your can’t be measured in words or choir

I love all of your perks without lust or pride

I love you the way like one of the bad habit of mine

I love you the way you love your most inner desire ..

No happy endings..

In real life there’s no such thing as ‘the end’ like that happens in a book or a movie. I believe that there are happy ‘forever’ for some. I don’t say that those who experience these happy lives walk on a real smooth paths with no ups and downs. Life is a roller coaster. At one moment you are at the highest point of life, where it seems you are above all and can conquer every obstacle that life can throw at you. And at other moments it becomes hard to keep everything together and to focus towards light. But consistency can create a happy beginning. There is always something bigger and brighter at the end of the tunnel. Something beautiful, something mesmerizing, something worth waiting for. It’s just the path that can become difficult at certain or most of the time. We just have to hold on, keep faith, be kind and keep moving forward. Learning and letting go of those things which could hurt our souls or our mind is nearly as essential as living both tough and beautiful moments that we can experience in our day-to-day life. In order to try to catch everything we often miss that one special something.

It’s nerve racking and highly difficult to hold water in our own hands. But if you put your bare hand in this running water thousands of sensations can be felt, calming those thunderstorms that keep on blocking all the positiveness and even the smallest ray of hope.

However, that certain path can end or a specific chapter can be finished but there’s always another road or another chapter waiting to be explored and challenging us to discover our self, grow stronger with each passing obstacle and firmer with each passing minutes.

Life is a gift. Learn, enjoy the moments, let go of grudges, forgive others, spread smiles and most importantly always help others to see the light…

In the rain..

sad-sadness-rain-umbrella-girl-Favim_com-510534-1Cold and steady in the rain

Standing there with all her pain

She stare blankly into the vain

All her losses and her gains

She dare not to say again

She dare not to share again


Cold and steady in the rain

She thinks of herself in disgust again

All the pride has gone

All the best has gone

All the respect has gone

With the flow of the rain


Cold and steady in the rain

Makeup flowing away

Her disguise flowing away

Her mask flowing away

Her charm flowing away

Her life flowing away


Cold and steady in the rain

She is letting herself getting away

With the flow of the rain

Losing the match against the rain

Cold and steady in the rain..

She lost herself in the rain..


She is finding her way

To the most beautiful bay

Nor the place with angels

Or the place with jewels


She is making her way

For one prolong stay

Food to the soul

Home to the heart


She is looking for things

Most important things

All for none

A heart to love

A soul to trust

A body to respect


She is hiding from people

With most sweet tongue

With one devilish smile

With one killing looks


In the mirror she stare

All the things she hear

All the things she’s scared


In the mirror she stare

The devil has she became..


In the mirror she stare

Reflection of her own flare..



In this real world, we do usually take this one thing for granted. Love is not money to be spend on times of need. Love is not a piece of jewelry to be worn on special times where you want to look good around. Love is not a game of win or lose. Love is not a beautiful face or a handsome champ. Love is simply just love. Four simple words yet can leave everlasting scars on one’s heart and soul.

In my view, this latest does not only exist between a young girl and boy where an electric flow exist. Love is when mother cooks food, when father tucks his child in to bed n kisses his child’s forehead, when a sister argues or fights, when brother pull her sister’s hair, when wife gets up early just to make his husband a breakfast, or when a husband tries to cook something (by burning it though), when son help doing household chores, when daughter laugh out loudly on her parents joke even if its not that funny, or when a friend slaps for being over dramatic.. That’s love. Simple yet beautiful. It does not require money, fame or a gorgeous personality. It just need a strong, pure, faithful heart that commits till the end.. It doesn’t require a prince charm or a person with gorgeous personality. It can happen to anyone.

I however believe that you don’t fall in love, you actually rise high above the skies in love. Love in reality gives you wings and help you to believe in yourself to make you fly high above those skies that were your limit before and make you see light even if there is pitch black around you..

Love is magic and can do miracles, if you just believe in it..

Wrong Concept of Flirting…

I don’t know whether I am beautiful, hot or sexy but I do get a lot of compliments on my physical aspect. And by possessing these qualities or simply by being a social butterfly I often face men flirting, trying to do their sweet talk or trying their best to impress me (or I don’t know who) with ridiculously explaining my components of beauty. At first, I don’t know how to react. I mean is it appropriate for me to shy and smile it away and to let the topic down or just hit them with a brick and run away?

I have to try hard to get to stop this urge of hitting the significant other with something. And after this epic unbearable phase, I tend to gather some left out energy and reply with smile, ‘Oh please’ and try to change the subject.

One thing I know for sure, men flirt with every other girl they see. And a social one is a bonus to them or whatsoever. This kind of men makes me sick, makes me feel more pathetic and insecure towards myself, and rather than gaining some self-respect, I tend to lose all.

I don’t know whether I have something printed on my forehead, for instance, ‘hey. Feel free to do all sort of flirting. I am an open booth’. A girl or woman like me is not amused by this type of flirting, of which every passing girl is the victim. I mean it doesn’t make me feel any kind of special. It simply makes me feel like I am really very ordinary one. It does not get me any type of those butterflies in tummy or make me feel like, ‘Oh my God! He likes me’ and jumps off of a cliff in excitement.

If I don’t say anything and smile back then it definitely doesn’t mean that I like your comment on my beauty or my figure. It simply made me disgust the other one.

A grown up woman knows she is beautiful and how hot or sexy she is. She needs a man who would tell her about her mind, her intelligence, her uniqueness from other and an appraisal on how much she tries to make everything around you organized. If she has a quirk or annoying habit, enjoy that because it will help you know that she is a human being not a robot. Love her heart. Compliment her brains with beauty of course. She’ll then be swiped away from her feet and will give you her hundred percent love and loyalty…



People these days are plastic. Nothing but a shiny unbreakable plastic.

I am used to encounter these plastics in my daily routine. Wherever I go, whatever I do, no matter much how many people I meet daily, or how closely I look.. I find plastic. All wrapped up in fancy clothes, with fancy makeup (or no makeup, in case of boys), with God given somewhat good features and with superficial ideologies.

Emotions and feelings of other individual does not seem to be much important to these plastic people. Making fun of whoever passes by, commenting and scanning through the bodily features of other (no matter how much he/she tries to cover themselves up) and flirting with everyone you see doesn’t make you a supercool member of the gang or a person with more modernized views.

Modernization is simplicity. Modernization is being modest. Modest through our eyes, modest through our talk, even through our walk. Modernization is about giving respect to other individual.

Being plastic may get you thousands of like on facebook, twitter, instagram or on any other social media. But it’s not going to help you gaining those kinds of like in real life. The more you open your mouth, the more you spill your words without even thinking once, the more people are gonna raise against you. And in the end, gradually these people or those plastics with which you hang out with will leave your side.

It’s easy to judge others my friend but it is definitely not a cup of tea to walk in someone else’s shoe for a while. We can never assume how much he/she has placed efforts to be there where they stand tall today.

And who knows, the person you are making fun of today may become the next owner or CEO of that facility where you work in later life (LOL)..

Hence, motto of my life actually..

“Give respect, Get respect”.

The Continuous Struggle

The continuous struggle..

In our life, we all are fighting a battle of a continuous struggle, a struggle to fit in. To fit in for love; to fit in for a society; to fit in to look pretty or handsome in a party; or to fit in to the expectations built for us by our parents, community or friends. Everyone here on this planet is in a hustle to fit in.

Some of us finds success and becomes the attracting one, the social one or the achiever one. Once he or she succeeds in placing his or her foot prints into the sand solidly, the crowd will willingly follow them blindly, no matter what they do or how they do it.

But there are some who stare blankly into the sky thriving to find their own identity, so much into the battle, trying to make everything right that often they forget their own selves. People like these usually forgets that they are also here to live a life that has been given as a gift to them from Him. They are the one who forgets how to love or forgets the feeling of being loved.

You will find these kind of people usually hidden behind the crowd. I may not know everything but I know one thing for sure that these people usually forget that they are also a human who has all the emotions, feelings and a soul that bleeds or aches like a normal human being. These are those people who will smile broadly and brightly in the day and will cry their hearts out till their eyes hurt or night ends. These are those souls who will put your needs and you first rather than their own self. And these are those people who knows how to love i.e. to love beyond the stars, and will not get a single warm welcome or a sweet hello from anyone. These are those who see and know everything but will keep their mouth shut in fear not to make foolish of them or to embarrass their surrounding people like parents, friends, siblings or spouse.

If you look around in a crowd, rather standing in an airport or on a bus stand, you will find these kind of people who are easily embarrassed by small things. You can find them sitting quietly observing everyone passing by or laughing their lungs out in a group of people. But if you look closely, you will find the screaming, weeping souls in their eyes whether they are quiet or they are laughing. These are not those kind of people (what they say it…) the attention seekers. These kind of people are just in a battle with themselves and their surroundings.. or in simple words, with society.

Some of them usually goes into depression and find their peace by ending their lives. But, yet there are some who try to see bright light and positive vibes everywhere, and struggle untiringly and continuously to become something, to be noticed by someone, or to be understood by anyone.. someone…

However, if you see or meet this kind of person who is in this struggle, just give him or her a tight hug and tell this to him or her by holding hands,

“I know.. I understand.. Everything will be alright. Just believe in yourself.”