Like waves to and fro

Our relation is in its high and low

You seem like you care

Looking at our fingers locked

I seem to be lost 

Like a little puppy in frost 

Yet you seem you know

In all the rules you formed

Now forcing me to follow

Changing me to become hollow

But still I think you care

And I think you know

Of all the ruins of my soul

And I think you have seen 

The battle wounds I carry 

And in spite of all to and fro 

I seem to believe in you 

Because of the spark in you 

And the kindness in you 

I seem to be in love with you

Because it’s simply just you..

He thinks he know…

He wishes to see her smile 

He wishes to hear her laugh

He longs to see the shine in her heart

That reflect through her eyes 

He thinks he can do wonders 

He thinks he can change her

He thinks he know the pain she endure

He thinks he can cure

Little does he know it can take a miracle 

For her to cure and pure

From her pain and her thoughts 

Little does he know she can’t be managed 

Like a broken piece that’s daunted…


It’s all in haze

The fear and the chase

Some love to be tamed 

Some love to believe 

Some lives on faith

Some strive for pride

Some long for life 

To be healthy and strong 

Some hide in the maze 

To hide feelings and desire

Some love to observe 

All the obscenities of the world


She knew that life is an up and down road. Sometimes it’s an upward hill that takes efforts from every single cell of your body to reach up to that highest peak point of life but sometimes it’s just an easy slide down to the lowest point where she always have to pick each shattered piece of herself up by her own self because sometimes it’s just you and your own self to help you out. 

But in this struggle and fight for survival, there comes some certain injuries and holes of bullet that can’t be handled or fixed by mere stitches or bandages which later becomes horrendous looking scars. These scars are easy to hide and easy to heal when it happens to be on body. But when these scars happen to be at heart or worse, on soul, it just become impossibly hard to get over the pain and move on. 

She knew that it’s illogical and injustice to her own self to dwell in past. But sometimes it just take one tick or one second to click that switch on or which floods back bringing all the pain of that wound back, like a certain smell or certain moment or a specific voice. 

No, she doesn’t have experienced any heartache that’s been usually caused by love. She’s been hurt and wounded from life itself. And after each and single knock down she looked up dusted her pants and moved on. Bleeding or oozing. 

Till this day, all the wounds and injuries she has endured in her self are well hidden by her smile. All the emotional turmoil has been sucked up and dried up by her pillows. And on this day, she stands with her head held high in the air declaring that she’s strong. 

Strong enough to move past on. Strong enough to get up daily and smile. Strong enough to conquer those dwelling thoughts that lead her to the edge of the hill. Strong enough to step down and cherish what she has today. Strong enough to hold others with her self. Strong enough to help others to heal wounds of them. Strong enough to believe in love and magic. Strong enough to dream of her future. 
Strong enough to conquer her depression and life ending thoughts… She knows that she’s the one and only piece made. She knows that she’s different and her uniqueness has no bounds.. 

She’s peculiar…

Brown-haired girl


She seems a simple brown-haired girl with some average looks but still he wants to know what she thinks about. Why she is lost in the middle of the crowd. Biting her lower lip. Eyes looming in the space. He always wonders what goes in that pretty head of her. 

He always questions that is she happy with him or is she not content with what he offer. He always sees how she forms her own little world around her self. How she isolates herself even from him.

He thought that he is closest one to her heart. He thought that he could read her all of the expressions of her, feelings of her. But with time he realized he always end up meeting another wall that stands between him and her heart. He found that she hides her feeling with expertise which make him insecure and agitated.

He always asks her about her thoughts to which as a reply she smiles the sweetest smile she could ever put on and shrug saying I also don’t exactly know. 

She’s an abstract painting. He realized with time that on the exterior she is cold, numb and distant like a moon but on the inside, she is one warm, dulcet and glisten like a chocolate or like a sun. Her light shines in her heart, reflects in her eyes. Her melancholy personality is mere a shell to retain her heart and her soul from different blow coming from the outer world.

She doesn’t say much but when she speaks it’s like a mellifluous tune playing itself. She has that aura that illuminate dark alley ways. He is now determined of all things she is, which can’t be categorized or can be theorized with the use of some scant words or with sketch of her looks. It can be skimpy and grievous attempt which will simply do injustice to her.

In the contemporary, he now understands that she is something else, beyond words, beyond all the good thoughts and acts which can be done at a time. She is the girl that burns so brightly, intimately and can light the whole sky by just her smile.. She is a simple brown-haired girl..

They say..

They say they’ll stay

Through thick n thin

They say they’ll pray

For better mind n health

They say they’ll try
To mold and make better  

They say they’ll grow

To be someone they know 

They say they’ll fulfill 

All their promises they made

They say they’ll notice 

All the small things I do

They say they know

What I think what I say 

They say they’ll not judge 

No matter what I do 

They say they’ll do

And I hear them say they’ll do

And I believe that they’ll do

All the things they say

All the things they want me to believe 

All the things they want me to hear

And I hear them say they’ll do

Like a pigeon with closed eyes

And I believe that they’ll do

Like a fragile one should do.. 

Battle lost…

Somewhere between the lines. Some where between the boundaries. Somewhere between the urge to prove to the world. She lost the battle within her self. She lost the fire that described and shaped her.She lost the her eyes which was used to see bright lights every where. She lost the girl who was peppy, perky, determined and bustling on each tune life played in front of her. She was used to think that people were made of star dust and have little of magic in them. She lost that girl to ‘love’. She gave her everything but with time she realized is was never enough. Love that she thought would mend her heart, would fill colors in her life, make her shine more. Little did her innocence know that the same love would steal all the purity of her soul. That same love would snatch all the colors of her life letting it to be black and white. That same love would vanish the sparkle of her eyes. She would live. But with the burden of her broken wings and shattered dreams. 

Was it too much to ask about? Was it too much to fantasize about the greatest fantasizes on which this universe revolve around? Was it too much to snatch away her own self and throw her on concrete floor so harshly of bitter, selfish realities… 

Little red dress

She stand alone in the walking crowd

With a diamond ring in her finger

In a little red dress, hairs made up
She stand alone in the rain 

With the wildest dreams in eyes

To be crushed and burn 
She stand alone with tears in eyes

With the weight of the world

Surrounding by dogs n wolves
She is standing alone with all the courage

With the scars and flaws

Listening each and every voice 
She is standing still soaked in loneliness

With all the numbness and coldness

Thinking what she did wrong
She is standing alone in the walking

With all the questions she have

Trying to mingle with the world…

I Love You..

I love you the way you love your most inner desire

I love you the way a moth loves a fire

I don’t know the hidden meaning of words

As I am just as simple as a night lighted by the fire fly

There are thousands of way to describe my feelings in the nigher

But it consumes my heart and soul to the fullest entire


I love you the way the sun loves the moon

Which dies daily to make the moon bloom

I don’t acquire to know something I don’t know

I only love you in the simplest form of gloom

Thousands of stings I bear to make you loom


I love you the way that no one can describe

I love you in the thousand different attire

My love for your can’t be measured in words or choir

I love all of your perks without lust or pride

I love you the way like one of the bad habit of mine

I love you the way you love your most inner desire ..